Most of you will be familiar with milk thistle [G’dilan in Hebrew]
The official Latin name is Silybum marianum [Maria thistle]
It grows abundantly is Israel [Jordan valley] and the seeds can be harvested for a short time during the spring.
We could be rich in Israel from the abundant seeds for producing g’dilan capsules but as the plant has nasty thorns probably the workers loan in Israel will be too high to make it profitable, I suppose.
Anyhow the plant is very well known as a super “liver herb”[for all kinds of liver conditions]
All parts of the plants can be used, the leaves, the roots and the seeds.
The seeds have served as coffee substitutes
The Arabs are very familiar with this herb

The liver protective-healing effects of the herb is well known but hardly used by doctors.[even not gastroenterologists]
The famous English herbalist Culpepper [begin 16th century] used it for jaundice and  even today it is used for various gallbladder problems.
Good as a mild laxative and to relieve hemorrhoids
Milk Thistle has shown to be able to regenerate damaged liver cells and is used for all possible liver damage and even for cirrhosis
Milk thistle may inhibit the growth of certain cancers [breast, cervix, prostate]
What is less known is the the great effect it has on diabetes and it can be used with great benefit by diabetics and can protect the kidneys from complications caused by diabetes.

The herb is extremely safe and can be given in pregnancy and during nursing.
In fact it can greatly stimulate the secretion of breast milk especially in mothers with premature born babies .
So much more to write about this herb!

And notwithstanding all this a certain website states: Medicinal use of this product has not been approved by the FDA. Milk thistle should not be used in place of medication prescribed for you by your doctor. [ my remark: who has nothing to prescribe in all these cases….] Sickening!