Schisandra [chinensis]
First became really known in the the “west” as an adaptogen
in the USSR in the early 1960s.
Animals studies showed a stress-protective effect against many harmful factors such as heat shock, burns, cooling, frostbite, irradiation, and intoxications with heavy metals etc
The effects were registered on virtual all body systems.
Possibly an excellent herb for soldiers.[don’t use without discussing it with you doctor first]

The concept of adaptogens was originally created in 1947 [Rusia,Korea, China] to describe a substance that may increase resistance to stress.
In modern medicine there is some resistance against the use of this term
but that does not mean anything to me personally as there there is so much denial of nature in modern western medicine.

In the EU it is forbidden to claim any possible effect of homeopathy even if if a few remedies and herbs are proven beyond any doubt to improve or heal medical conditions where there is no modern medical treatment for.
Such is our world, but Corona may bring changes…