G-d gave to everybody something special that nobody else  possesses.[in any 
possible field] This is a well known phenomena ,seems to me. Everyone is unique.
I am writing this specially because there is hardly any medical
[“alternative” book] that I bought where I did not found some fascinating 
information , which nobody else brought in other books and the writer got 
-as it seems-“chen” form the Creator to be the only one to mention this information.
The magic of HERBS by David Conway: sounds a bit mysterious -maybe- but it is indeed a bit so.
He wrote on page 46, as part of a sentence , totally not “between the rules”

…..general debility during and after pregnancy[thyme] 

One might just have missed this little sentence. 
It struck me because it is so exceptional: why would this herb [used mostly for coughing  and for abdominal complaints ]  be so  specific  for weakness in 
pregnancy?? and only in pregnancy!! 
Well, I have tried it for quite a few pregnant women [sometimes even only by 
telephone] and it was indeed “magic”- totally not expected- strengthening ,even in a low dose like twice a day 7 drops from the Mother tincture and  even when given  for a short time only. 
I tried it as a general tonic [“strengthener”] outside pregnancy with whatsoever no effect! 
There is so much in the drawers [ ganuz] that has never been used and we are spending so much money on new research……lets go to the geniza[that which has been put aside]