Uttermost important!

I learned this from a published French article [1998 Christian Rempp[M..D] and Annick Bigler[M.D][Strasbbourg University Hospital]

For nay years I have used acupuncture with a high rate of success for this problem with mostly one single needle at both sides of the leg.

Nearly always one treatment of 1/2 hour was enough. Putting the needles it took one minute and then leave them in for 1/2 hour

I learned this from a published French article

I copy the procedure below which every acupuncturist can use and every gynecologist can learn to do this in 5 minutes, I suppose, if they are willing to learn something not taught to them.

Today I got a telephone again from a patient who yesterday got an epidural for premature contactions without success.

Hope they will decide to try the acupuncture

 Point K9:

5 cun above the malleolus medialis and 1-2 cun behind the tibia [some say at the border of tendocalcaneus]

If necessary also Ren 3 : one cun above the symphysis [1/5 distance from symphysis to navel]], push the needle upwards under the skin

Also, consider giving Omega-3 in these cases.