Used as a tea, it is an excellent herb to give for fevers [has an explicit cooling effect and causes light sweating]

It is helpful for bronchitis and chronic nasopharyngeal catarrh.

It has been used as a mild analgesic to relieve cancer pains. [lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancers, breast cancer [as compresses ]

It may even prevent metastases and is given after operations for this purpose.

One case of a throat tumour [epithelioma of the tonsil] has been described as healed by drinking tea and using compresses !!

The famous medieval Italian medical school of Salerno declared about viola odorata: “to dispel drunkenness and repel migraine……form heavy head it takes the pain, and from feverish cold delivers the brain”.

Can anything be better?

I [have] used viola at the beginning of my practice much more, and I will pick up on it again using it again, combined with Sambucus and tilia [equal parts]