What I want to show you in the video is a point called UB 65 that is quite well demonstrated in the video–see from 0.30 in video until you come to UB65

This point seems to be very effective as an emergency point for bee stings with local swelling, but even for systemic swellings in throat/tongue [but call for emergency help as well! prick the point and stimulate ii every 5 minutes,together with the second point-if you can- or this alone.

Second point:

see from 0.30 in a video until you come to UB65

the big black point, as explained in the video.

Kidney 6

The second point is kidney 6 [see picture], just in a small dimp[[sheka] under the inner ankle [for reasons unknown to me, the right ankle is advised]

In emergencies, you should use any pin you have with you! [till further help arrives[adrenaline]

I have NO PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with these points for emergencies

Suggested by Lawson