—-highly recommended for everyone

Every single working day I read tens and tens of medical articles [to be able to help better] and increasingly also see medical videos which seem to be of value. The difference of opinions and “confusion” in medicine is growing with an “atomic speed” [and I am not referring here to “Corona” articles]!

The more I become aware of all this, the more I am going back to a book I learned the most from, a book written by an Amercian psychiatrist 

:Diet and Nutrition [published in 1978!]

A rare doctor who could still combine many disciplines in medicine in a masterful way, written in clear, non-technical language.

This book mainly ignited my wish to delve into “alternative” medicine.

I will be, forever thankful to Dr Rudolph Ballentine for this book, which I found in the Jerusalem book fare some 40 years ago [one single copy was available]

Alas, the book was never translated into Hebrew.

A later book for him was “Radical Healing”, also a total masterpiece.

I am happy I came across these books on which I still rely on heavily, among all the existing confusion of our age.

Further books [and further books on yoga]