Artichoke: a very healthy vegetable with medical properties

Most of us will have once at least eaten artichoke leaves or hearts.

The vegetable is well known for its liver protective function.[active substance: cynarin]

Artichokes can be used for poor digestion and also as an anticholesterol agent.

Like milk thistle, it contains silymarin, the most active compound in milk thistle.

Milk thistle is a very well-known “liver herb”.

The artichoke leaves can be eaten but are often infested with “worms” and should be well examined.

It is also available as a tincture and can be taken in a dose of 40 drops 3 times daily.

There are also tablets/capsules available online.

By the way: artichoke powder [empty some capsules] can be used as a SAFE deodorant! A tiny bit under the axillae.