Celiac…….and Paprika …….brought by Heinerman, Dr. John, who wrote a lot about [anthropology] medicine



I met an old gipsy lady there by the name of Margarit Slyza. She told me of a cure that her people sometimes used for cases of celiac disease, which was pretty uncommon in that part of the country at the time. She told me that just one item was used: the famous spice paprika that gave colour and flavour to the typical Hungarian gulyás—a beef stew made with assorted vegetables. She said that those who were troubled with the gluten in wheat products should season their grain foods liberally with paprika, as well as to take it orally every day. I had never heard of such a thing before and frankly doubted that it would work. But after timidly suggesting it to a few individuals here in America who suffered from celiac disease and getting back glowing reports from them on just how well it worked, I was no longer reluctant to suggest it for this problem. The usual dosage is three capsules daily when consuming anything with gluten in it.

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