How to Treat a Vaginal Infection with a Clove of Garlic (

My regular patients may know I have used garlic widely in my practice. The most everyday use has been for earpain[infections] for 40 years or so.

After so many years, I have seen that it is not considered any more “voodoo” by all doctors, and even an occasional ENT doctor has prescribed it to a patient.

The most spectacular use has been for long-lasting ear perforations[see WordPress], but I have minimal experience with this [published by the Chines], and it may need prolonged treatment for up to a year. 

I have used garlic for a cough from bronchitis, warts, and much more. Severe infectious diarrhoea can be healed with garlic.

I am thrilled to send you this article from Judy Slome Cohain about garlic, who published a lot in her profession as a midwife and researcher and with my own experience[I have also used it for vaginal infections [but have little follow-up] I have ALL REASON to believe her excellent experience [ and even if I had no own experience with garlic]