Two effective simple editions to the treatment of Diabetes.

Two effective simple edition to the treatment of Diabetes.[ advised by Rudolph F. Weiss z”l : Lehrbuch der Phytotherapy]

Many years ago I used a tea for diabetes , which I left after a while , maybe because patients wanted a simple pill or so [ I don’t remember the reasons precisely]

Anyhow recently I started using the tea again and have found it quite effective.

If you wish to try ,you may add it to other treatments you are receiving [metformin etc]

Buy in Hadassa health food shop [or elsewhere] :

klipot of Phaseoli [klipot shu-it שועת]

Take a handful [chofen] of it and add to 1/2 liter water and boil this on a low fire until you are left with more or less half of the fluid.

Strain and divide the tea in 2 portions [more or less 2 half glasses]

Drink in the morning and evening a portion, maybe some 5-10 minutes before food.

A second addition is a herbal tincture called:

Poterium spinosum [the root is a Bedouin medicine for diabetes][grows in Israel of course and known as Sira Kotzanit]

Buy:[herbal / homeopathic pharmacy]

Poterium spinosum M.T 100 cc and take some 30 drops twice per day in some water just before the meal

You may take more but then discuss this with a doctor/herbalist.

It can also be taken in /with the Phaseoli tea.

Would appreciate to hear your experience in case you will use these supplements.