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When I finished medicine at the end of the sixties there was a simple rule: [from the Internet]: In the 1970s, the rule of thumb for doctors was that as long as blood pressure wasn’t higher than the patient’s age plus 100, they were fine. When early studies on the effects of high blood pressure were published 50 years ago, Rahman explains, researchers were just trying to get subjects’ blood pressure below 160

For many years I have worked -more or less with this rule-but. I had to give up when the medical pressure became overwhelming and the propaganda mantra “Silent killer” was introduced to scare everyone[especially doctors]

It was clear for a big part, that the pharmaceutical industry discovered a very powerful mantra! Also honest to state here, that at the same time very powerful anti-hypertensives were discovered, some with “minimal side-effects”!
One should try to use COMMON SENSE here: is people feel wonderful well with 140-15-then “leave them alone”
If they feel overtired or dizzy, then you may try a “trial treatment; and decide further
The word Silent killer has aborted every use of common sense. One “United”[but crooked] world like with Corona