See the practical instructions below as well, as probably the whole of Israel received

If you never pray [speak to your Creator] then let’s start doing this, even in our own home or our way. Ask to be protected with all of Israel and the world. Give extra tzedaka!

Due to the earthquake, we are refreshing the guidelines for proper behaviour during an earthquake and reminding you all that an earthquake alert can be received in the Home Front Command app and through the sirens.

When you receive an earthquake alert or when you notice signs of an earthquake, follow these guidelines:

  • Those staying indoors – if possible, go out into the open. If it is not possible to leave the building within a few seconds, enter the protected room and leave the door and windows open, or exit the stairwell and continue down towards the exit of the building. Only if this is not possible, sit in an inner corner of the room or under heavy furniture and protect your head with your hands.
  • Those staying outdoors – stay in the open away from buildings, trees, power cables and items that could fall and endanger you.
  • Passengers in a vehicle – Stop the vehicle on the side of the road and wait inside until the earthquake stops. Avoid stopping under a bridge or at an interchange.
  • Those staying near the beach – Stay at least one kilometer away from the beach for fear of a tsunami coming and flooding the beach. If it is not possible to leave the beach area, go up to the fourth floor or higher of a nearby building.