Dr Greger brings a very important video.

Dr Greger does great work with his many videos and vast knowledge. Alas he is brought up-as most of us, physicians- in a culture where traditional knowledge is not taught or believed unless proven in a laboratory[or even worse: proven in so-called “double-blind studies”

If for centuries Indian physicians have used Mucuna for Parkinson and probably other diseases then you better believe them…

I have only treated one patient-many years ago with mucuna for Parkinson’s who suffered terribly from the side -effects of the regular drugs [the tongue cleaved to the pallatum [chech]which she could not tolerate anymore

As I had no experience yet with it I had to look up[Western] literature to know what dose to give. and was astonished to find just one or two studies at that time,

There are now well-tested/standardised mucuna supplements available [for doctors who had not been trained in the use of this herb.