Garlic, onion, cabbage family

Most of you will know by now that it is wise to leave crushed garlic or cut onions for some 5 minutes exposed to the air before putting them in a hot cooking pan.
By doing this straight away [without waiting] you may lose quite a bit of the nutritional value of garlic and onion.
The same is true for cabbage[family]
By cutting and chopping cabbage, enzymes are activated in the cabbage which converts sulfur compounds in the cabbage to other beneficial compounds [glucosinolates, for those who like names]
By heating the cabbage straight away these anticancer compounds may not be formed
Don’t overcook cabbage and other vegetables in order not to rub them off their nutrient benefits-five minutes, not more for steaming or sautéeing of raw cabbage.

Microwaving garlic destructs the heart protection compounds of the garlic!

There is much more to say about microwaves [microgal]

Probably only a few will listen to the advice to get rid of a microwave Please consider this and if you do so, then don’t sell it to your zulat [neighbour], I suggest.