and even in forgotten or unknown medicine. Probably many doctors never heard about strophanthus in medical school, even if it is not used anymore nowadays. except in homoeopathy. —used again by some doctors after the Covid myocarditis.

I never worked with stropanthus[only in homoeopathic form] but I know from my father z”l who worked as a physician [long ago] in Suriname that strophanthus “could revive the death”….I weill copy a piece fro Dr Klinghardt where you can read about this. Any practical benefit for you? NO, but good to know that in extreme “helpless” cases one should look further than our modern doctors want us to believe.

See also the video from 3 years ago

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt:
Yeah, it’s a plant from Africa. In Germany, we used to have a product that was available from the
1930s all the way until the late ’70s, was called strophanthin which was an injectable extract. And
when I was a young doctor, I could be called to anybody with a heart attack, fresh infarct, even
someone who’s just dropped dead, we give them a shot of that, and they resuscitated them
immediately. Within 5 minutes, they were as good as before. And then when digitalis came out,
and the pharmaceuticals came out with drugs, they felt there was the strong competition of
something that was light years ahead of the effect of heart drugs that were available. Then of
course, strophanthus was taken away from the market under the pressure of the
pharmaceuticals, so it disappeared completely.
But I had the pleasure of working several years with it, and I worked in an area in Germany in
the Black Forest where there were lots of old folks’ homes. So, the retirement community, there
were like thousands of people and they were physically very active. And it was virtually every
day I had 2 or 3 cases of myocardial infarction, and the aftermath, or sudden cardiac death, and
so I had the pleasure of working with this remedy. And then one of my friends here in the
community in the US became aware of the power of this particular plant and sourced it, and
made it available to us. So there’s only one source in the US.