See the short video [there are many more of this kind]

We all have a limited lifespan and we should try to protect this as much as G-d allows us.

That there was some panic for many people some 3 years ago is totally understandable and no one can be judged for that. Soon it became clear that we had to do with many uttermost malignant organizations and extremely money-hungry companies and that countries were often “bought Some of those who protested-in full honesty and with knowledge- and not because of “scandal-seeking”- were kicked out of their jobs or treated as “lepers”. One of the few medical journals that was e not biased was the British Medical Journal [BMJ] [as in many other cases in the past. during many years.

If we know by now [and everyone with an average I.Q can judge at this stage [if this was not already clear much earlier] that we were tested with a non-simple test.Thanks, G-d more and more knowledgeable; doctors/scientists are now standing up to, protect those who don’t know who to believe.….

May at least our children be protected from f our own ” health authorities”!