Today I would like to describe to you some commonly used acupuncture points which likely also can be used –maybe a bit less effective than needles-by pressure on these points.

I will describe mostly points used for emergencies.

I will describe how to find the points and mention the number of the point as they are used in the West by acupuncturists as well as the English names in case you want to look them up: see link at the end of the article]

At the end of the article, I will copy a link from a website where you can look up the points –in pictures-if you wish.

For acute low back pain [when one cannot get out of bed or stand]:

Press directly – at the same time, under – and behind the outer ankle for a minute or more quite strongly. [names of the points: UB 60 and UB 62][bladder points 60 and 62]

Try first at the ankle which corresponds to the side of the back that hurts.

Thereafter one should be able to stand at least for a while or be able to get out of bed to visit a doctor.

This pressure can be repeated very often.

Another point for the same purpose, for acute low back pain, is situated in the mid line between the nose and the upper lip.

This point can also be used for other purposes and can be life-saving in case of severe bleeding which -lo alenu- [may we be spared from this] may lead to a deadly shock if there is no direct help available [like intravenous fluid]

In this case, one may stick any needle available in this spot [not dangerous], even if you are not trained [and it may be officially “illegal”] as long as it is clear that the person has a life-threatening bleeding and may die if you don’t do anything [name of the point: DU 26 [governing vessel 26]

In the case of severe nausea [or any heart problems / disturbances]: press on the inner side of the forearm [lower arm] in the midline of the arm, and about 3 fingers above the wrist crease [where the watch strap is located]. One or both arms may be used.

In China [and now also known in Israel] women seem to use a wristband for nausea in pregnancy with something on the inner side of the band which presses on the mentioned point. [point: P6][pericardium 6]

For [light] nervousness press on the point between the eyes [the “third eye” of India].

Some people suffer from recurrent urticaria.

Often no reason is found and strong drugs are given.

Cupping [kosot ruach] on the centre of the navel, repeated a few times a day for a few minutes often can heal stubborn urticaria and also persistent diarrhoea in children.

Early [premature] contractions in pregnancy

I have extremely good experience with the treatment of this with just a single needle at the point: K9 [kidney 9], sometimes only a single treatment may be enough!! ……… and spares the mother bed rest for months, hard to believe, but true. Maybe a message at this point, frequently done, can also be helpful. [I have always used only needles in this case]

Location of the point[for pressure one can be a bit less precise than when one works with a needle and one can use a “wider” area]:

some 10 -11 cm[some 7 fingers] [more or less: good to look for the most tender spot in that area] above the inner ankle, between the tibia bone and the tendon which goes up from the Achilles tendon]

 For a baby which is “upside down” [breech] [akuz] a Chinese “cigar”[so called moxa, made from Artemisia herb] can be used to warm the UB 67 point [bladder point 67], at the nail fold of the small toe of the foot.

If this is done before the 35th week at least half of the babies may turn, after the 36th week there is little success.

The method is totally safe and painless!

For this treatment, you may contact us and we can give you the telephone number of the “talmidot” working with me who can help you to teach you how to do the moxa.

Concerning the fact that there is not a single “easy option” in western medicine for this problem, it may be very wise to be examined around the 32-33 week to know the position of the head.

 For difficulty with breastfeeding [again: never, never give a formula all of them can be dangerous. There are many possibilities [explanation, reassurance, herbs, food etc]

Acupuncture [sometimes a single time], with just 2 needles, may help tremendously.

[I am not sure if acupressure will help here]

 For headaches which are located in the temple area [rakot]:press between the 4th and the 5th toes at the end of the web where the bones come together.[point

Within seconds there may be relief,

and can be repeated often if necessary