The wonders of homeopathy!

A remedy known for its action in cases where a child is wasting away (marasmus). The child may also have nosebleeds and, for boys, hydrocele (accumulation of fluid in the scrotum). It is also a useful remedy when we find pyloric stenosis: thickening of the muscle at the opening from the stomach into the intestine, completely blocking the passage. This condition is seen particularly in boys at the age of one to two months. We also use Abrotanum in cases of umbilical bleeding in infants.In adults, we find alternating attacks of gout (excess uric acid) and hemorrhoids. In the mental sphere, these are individuals who become something of a vampire to those around them, taking energy from others and leaving them literally “sucked dry.” It almost seems as if, contrary to most people, these individuals do not absorb their energy from the digestive tract, but somehow tap into the energy emanating from the people around them.

ObservationOn a day of infant checkups at the clinic, the nurses warn me on my arrival: “Doctor, it may seem incredible, but one baby is exhausting everyone with his shrill cries.” The shrieking newborn calms down immediately when I begin to examine him. At the same time, I suddenly begin to feel somewhat tired. In addition, I notice fluid exuding from his navel. With one dose of Abrotanum 15 CH, both the infant and those around him recover their calm and serenity.Aconitum napell

Homoeopathy by a very gifted French Homeopath: highly recommended book