See my FB profile below for so many years.

I suggest this mail may make you want to give up on everything you know….please, do not! Even if I find the video very convincing.!!

MORE and more, I am convinced that one should listen to one’s body. People asked me for years what they should eat for breakfast etc and for all these years I have been telling them to eat what they feel is good for them [what seems attractive to them, that same morning/day….like rice in the morning, or soup or whatever.

Some people can eat always the same, and others need a change. No two faces are the same, no two thought….no two “cravings for food”

At the beginning of my practice, this sounded like Apikoros to some patients.

Your body knows BEST! BUT DON’T CHOOSE FOOD THAT YOU KNOW IS RUBBISH, unless it is an occasionaly and you have a strong craving for that particular food at that very moment.

We should have learned enough lessons from the Corona!