Colchicine it’s a very useful drug for gout and has been used for ages not always in the modern forum [tablets] but as plant ready in the past. It’s highly effective for gout pain but also can be very toxic if not used in the right way, so if you are using colchicine and your doctor did not explain to you what to look for not to get intoxicated[it can be life dangerous] then please ask him to explain to you what to look for as he border between its effectiveness and toxicity is very narrow!
What I want to discuss with you tonight is using colchicine as a homoeopathic medicine Of course one can read whole pictures about it but I want to mention just one or two very specific symptoms. I have seen one patient who had been nauseated during ALL her pregnancies from the beginning of the pregnancy till the very end -which is very rare! After a few pregnancies, she came to me and said that she could hardly tolerate this anymore I was very lucky because a very typical symptom – so typical for colchicine -brought me to the idea: EXTREME nausea which is not strange in pregnancy, but the nausea was extreme for cooked food, and she could not tolerate any odours of eggs, fright fish or meat or whatever kind of food she had in the kitchen
It caused her deadly nausea There may be more homoeopathic remedies which have this symptom, but for Ccolchicne, this is very extreme, as well as an extreme over-sensitiveness for many other things like sounds light etc
What did cause me to decide on colchicine was another very rare symptom: a strange cold feeling in the stomach area!
Because of those these two symptoms, I prescribed this remedy, and remarkably within the shortest time all nausea disappeared, which has been existing for years in all pregnancies and never came back
We are not always that lucky with homoeopathy but if there are symptoms so extreme as in this case and you happen to know the remedy, then really homoeopathy is superior to any other system of medicine.