Some important tests like vitamin D and HOMOCYSTEINE are discussed,

For the last test [homocysteine]-even when really indicated- one has to do “sheminiot be-
avir”[ something like jumping in the air] to get it done by any of the Kupot. [sick funds]

At the same time, I would ask for an Lp[a] test[lipoprotein a], even if the treatment of this is not simple
Both tests should be done fasting [12 hours, water allowed]
Many of my patients have done these tests already [again not easy to get doctors to ask for this test,
[some had to go private]
It is uttermost “stupidity” to refuse these tests as it may spare endless suffering and high hospital bills [not just in the cardiovascular field]
It is sad to see that naturopaths in the USA have to educate doctors in this area.

If you live in the USA I advise having a trained /licensed naturopath instead of a physician except for dire emergencies.
In Israel that is not the case as naturopathy is not really regulated and not on the level of the USA, but still consulting a naturopath may have many benefits
Highly misleading is that the kupot consider a level of 15 of homocysteine still as normal especially when
there are already problems which can be connected clinically with an elevated homocysteine level
The MTHFR genetic test is necessary only in exceptional cases as the homocysteine test will give a
good clue in general.
In all cases -when using folic acid for preventive reasons in pregnancy [and for other diseases] it may/could ?? be safer to use folate [this is highly advocated nowadays even if there is no REAL proof for this and I am stating this after an extensive literature search. [see also the link below]
iFolic acid has a long history of efficacy [and a lot of research] in preventing spina bifida

Folate is naturally available in all kinds of vegetables
About iodine and magnesium ask your doctor, as well about vitamin D3 and K[2].
For men at least, ask one time for a ferritin blood level [and a CRP test] as high ferritin can cause serious problems and should be treated.

Of course, B12 and folic acid should also be tested and for sure before pregnancy!
These tests are the good sides of modern medicine and even so, often ignored.