Allergies / Cancer
Mushrooms have become very well known in[as a] medicine even with the average
person in the street.
Not only the exotic mushrooms but even the simple white [button] mushrooms
which you find in every supermarket
What may be less known is that they have a positive significant effect on allergies.
It has been shown that people with allergies have a lower chance of being plagued by
certain cancers.
So would it be wise to give mushrooms in these cases?
Yes, all in all, mushrooms also have anti-inflammatory effects and anticancer effects,
even if they reduce allergies
For more exotic mushrooms like Maitake , Shiitake, Coriolus etc consult a
doctor/expert in this field.
Maitake can be extremely important in the prevention of preventing metastases in
cancer and are widely used for this purpose [and in oncology]in Japan as far as I
After being researched by Japanese scientists, PSK extract [from Coriolus] was
approved in the 1980’s as a medical drug to be used to treat several types of
Don’t eat mushrooms raw! They contain some to0xic compounds.
How to naturally reduce your blood pressure?

Squeezing a rubber[tennis] ball in a specific way, according to a study published in
the Journal of Hypertension has been found to have an amazing effect on high blood
Even better than drugs, without side effects.
10-minutes per day, 3-days per week of hand grip training is enough to
reduce high blood pressure levels moderately.
This technique, considered isometric training, has been shown to be effective in
several research studies and has led to the release of FDA-approved blood
pressure-lowering device known as the Zona.
However, many medical experts are claiming that squeezing a rubber ball can have
the same beneficial properties at a fraction of the cost.

It just can’t be regarded as “FDA approved” because there really is no device in
place except for a small rubber ball.
You can find rubber balls that fit into your hand in most sports stores for under $10.
Directions: Hold the rubber ball in one hand. Squeeze it lightly (50% of maximum
strength), hold the squeeze for 10 seconds and release it for 10 seconds. Repeat for five
minutes before switching over to the other hand.
​[my remark with the Zona device you know precisely how strong to squeeze]
As stated before, the rubber squeeze ball exercise provides MODERATE
improvements in blood pressure.
I did buy a Zona device[quite expensive but highly sophisticated and 2 or 3 more
patients also bought one
I was not very impressed with the results and the device is not that easy to use [ cost
quite a bit of effort, but the instructions are childish and simple!! and all is automatic]

It is an amazing finding which was developed in a search for a solution in NASA against
the fainting of astronauts!
This research was done amazingly quickly as it concerned a space program……we are
not always that lucky in human medicine!
Dry [facial] skin

If you suffer  from dry [face] skin then as you probably already know, it can be
beneficial to massage the skin with some good quality almond oil or sesame
oil, especially after a shower.
The skin is then still warm and damp and the oil will work better.
You may also have to discuss the reason why the skin is possibly dry.
Save your gums / teeth  לצחצח שיניים בלי מישחת שינים  ומים בבוקר    
‘Dry brushing’ — brushing your teeth without toothpaste     
This is a remarkable article, a method I certainly would use.
Do this first thing in the morning without wetting [rinsing] your mouth and also not
the toothbrush. SO: all dry!!
After that, you can use water or whatever you like
This may be a more effective plaque remover than brushing with paste, one expert
says. The study found that 128 individuals who dry-brushed over a six-month period
saw plaque deposits on their back teeth drop by 67%, compared with plaque build
up found in their teeth before the dry-brushing regimen began. Gum bleeding due
to gingivitis (gum disease) also fell by 50%.
One should use a soft, dry brush which seems to scour away built-up bacterial
plaque better than a moistened one. If bristles feel stiff, ‘relax’ them by running your
thumb through them before brushing. Begin inside and finish out. The inner surfaces of
the bottom row of teeth should be brushed first before saliva buildup develops.
Proceed to the inner top level of teeth next, then move to the outer surfaces. The
the dry-brushing process should take about a minute and a half.