Many emails I sent about this issue in the past, about the problems of calcium supplements

It is still often prescribed by doctors or patients by themself these supplements. Calcium should come from food and not [or hardly] from supplements]

Although getting sufficient calcium may decrease your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease,

too much may be harmful. A study found that calcium (800 mg) given once daily to

postmenopausal women with high cholesterol caused a significant increase in serum cholesterol

(up by about 50 mg/dL) and an increase in the thickness of lining of the carotid artery – changes

associated with heart disease. Only if you don’t get enough calcium should you consider a

supplement, and it generally recommended that calcium supplementation not exceed 500 mg

perdose, or more than 900 mg per day. You can get more information about these supplements,

including our tests and reviews of products, in the Calcium Supplements Review. From ConsumerLab