From Grandgeaorge : The Spirit of Homeopathic Medicines

Graphites [often used in homeopathy for eczema.fissures etc
I could have been a diamond
This substance effectively has
the same chemical formula as the
diamond, but life’s circumstances have caused it to remain “black and

” Will Graphites, like the ugly duckling, be able to complete its
metamorphosis and take to the skies?
Graphites is a constitutional remedy that corresponds well to
children who are rather heavy, chilly, and who tend to suffer from skin
problems and constipation. These children are impudent and teasing,
laughing when they are reprimanded; they tend to be lazy and
indecisive. They are also timid at times, and sensitive to music, which
makes them cry.

The Graphites subject often has a moist eczema (producing a
liquid resembling honey), which may begin behind the ears or the
knees. We find a tendency to suppurating wounds (impetigo) and
keloid scars (thick and indurated); in this case, Graphites ointment
does wonders. Other signs that may be present are fissures at the
corners of the mouth, as well as on the nipples, the anus, and between