A broad subject.

Locally one can use various ointments/cremes

One that can be purchased easily in Gilo or Many is a combination of Symphytum 15%+ Capsicum5%- as a creme!

May be rubbed whenever necessary, with no side effects.

Just don’t rub it in the eyes, will burn![the capsicum in it]] So wash your hands after rubbing it in/on the skin

Other suggestion:[Dr Stansbury]]

2 cups lecithin granules+ one cup castor oil.

Heat gently in a small pan until homogenized.

Transfer to a glass jar and use when necessary.

Maybe you can get the lecithin granules in Israel ,otherwise order [link below]

Don’t use potentially dangerous ointments like Voltaren

Good to have at home Tigerbalm [the white one[] which can be used for all kinds of pains and is even likely effective for the prevention and treatment of flu/corona/Covid. Available in all pharmacies

.Rub on the painful spots and for flu rub it at night under the foot soles. Works wonderfully.

If you are sensitive to aspirin then don’t use Tiger balm!

Lecithin granuels https://il.iherb.com/pr/fearn-natural-foods-lecithin-granules-16-oz-454-g/5949