NAC has since long been known to doctors, but only for a few reasons: to treat airway-infections[mucus-COPD], cystic fibrosis and most important in hospitals for intravenous administration to treat acetaminophen [“acamol”, paracetamol] poisoning .

During the Covid period iNAC has become very “famous” as you can read on the Internet for influenza and Covid-19

[glutathione] …..ignored by all the official “medical bodies”!

For the same reasons I have been using Portulaca which contains even many more important pharmacological substances

NAC can also be used for many “psychiatry” problems: Obsessive-compulsive disorder [‘OCD] ,Schizophrenia, gambling addiction.

Further for: Helicobacter infection, Endometriosis, Polycystic ovary syndrome and still to discover other conditions.

It may protect the kidneys against damage when contrast media are used during CT scans and it is wise to take NAC before such procedures.

The dosage can be 600mg once or twice per day [and more if under supervision]

It is possible that NAC can cause a slight zinc deficiency [as well as copper] but this is rare as many people also use extra zinc these days [all this “thanks” to Covid]

Some examples: