Who does not know this wonderful-smelling plant?

It has been used for ages and is known to be calming when smelling it. It is widely used during the birthing process and woman

Even if it is widely used for rubbing on the skin mostly diluted with a carrier oil, I personally recommend not to use it for this purpose but only for smelling.

it can cause long-lasting allergic reactions on the skin and it has been shown to be able to cause swelling of the breast in boys. This is called gynecomastia and the same problem has been shown to be true for tea tree oil.

Therefore don’t use it in soaps at least not on a regular basis.

Let it not be understood the club then there is not a wonderful sure but use it with care.

It has been shown in Iran that when women smell lavender after birth they can sleep much better.

Using it in the intensive care departments for patients after a heart attack can remarkably reduce anxiety

A few drops of lavender oil in a diffuser in the sleeping room can do a lot of good, or even just a small twig from your garden in the room could do the job. It may help against calf cramps.