Fruits, vegetables,fiber [fibre] in food etc are all very important but don’t forget spices. Baruch ha-Shem the Ashkenazi population “got more Sefaradi “and took over their tradition of the use of spices.

When I came to Israel in 1979 the use of spices in the Ashkenazi kitchen was “salt”,pepper and paprika mostly, nothing wrong with these! except for too much salt and a far too limited use of spices.

Spies are extremely important for the prevention/treatment of cancer, cardio-vascular diseases and various infections [we have witnessed this during the Covid period.

CUMIN may be a champion, next to turmeric, black pepper and poppy seeds.
Nobody should undergo chemo-therapy without the use of these spices on a regular base in food, but in daily life, it is important to use these spices and others. regularly to prevent and treat diseases.
I will try to send now and then some information about the medical aspects of various spices.
Of course, the internet is full of this information but maybe some short hadracha [guide] may be useful and remind you to use spices.
Have always a variety of spices at home
Please don’t buy spices on the shuk[market] which are open and exposed to the air and even to the sun. This shows an incredible lack of knowledge of the sellers.
Will -b”h -give you some more information in the near future.