If you are lucky you can use homoeopathy even for back pain

Acute back pain and chronic back pain are not the conditions that I would try to treat in the first instance with homoeopathy.[very difficult to find the right remedy]
I will report you 2 “cases” where I was lucky or better: the Creator wanted the patients to get better quickly and helped them by telling me the right things.

Just before the chagim [high holidays] a female patient called me with acute back pain.
I treated her in the past with acupuncture which helped with a different back pain
When I asked a few questions she told me that the back pain was only present when SITTING, she could do all other things and this would not cause her back to hurt!
As this is such an exceptional complaint, I decided to look it up in homoeopathy and found one rare remedy which I never used before to fit this condition [was suggested by an Indian homoeopath]
COBALT.[was virtually the only remedy in this case]
Within 2 days the pain had gone. If homoeopathy works it works miraculously. Of course, the pain could also have been healed “spontaneously”, you never will know.

The second [chronic] case will describe next time.