Cnicus benedictus L. is one of the promising role plants in the therapy of cancer 

Cancer risk of disease is growing at high speed and causes a lot of deaths, so it was the target of this study to find a preventative treatment against cancer and chemotherapy. The recent study aimed to perform two groups of experiments that dealt with studying the botanical and chemical components and their biological activities in the Blessed thistle (Cnicus benedictus L.). The study is performed in the Iraqi Center for Cancer and Medical Genetic Research/Al-Mustansiriyah university from 1/9/2014 to 1/8/2015 used the labo mice provided by the center in all tests. It is concluded through the recent study that the Cnicus benedictus L. is one of the promising role plants in the therapy of cancer due to the root extract inhibited significantly the volume of the mice Murine mammary adenocarcinoma transplanted in laboratory mice. They are encouraging results about the possibility of using the extracts with other kinds of anti-cancer medicines, especially, since the extract has no toxic effect when given as an oral drug because this is confirmed by the results of studying the acute toxicity in the laboratory mice.