Don’t change brands of medicines even if the health authorities want us to believe that it is all “the same”! See Dutch article below……we already experienced this in Israel in the past.

Another issue: already for weeks alreadypenicillin V. [Rafapen. Penrafa] is NOT available; in Israel. This is the best preventive treatment for patients with recurring Erysipelas and patients who are not getting it daily may G-d forbid end up in hospitals on infusions. The MOH thinks it is not their task to take care of this. Years ago Doxycycline [a potential life-saving antibitica] was for weeks not available.

Maybe a good journalist may make an end to these “hefker” situations?

From a Dutch medical journal:

Conclusions: In euthyroid patients continuing the LT4[levothyroxin] product Thyrax at the same dose, TSH was out of range in 19–24% at least 6 weeks later. A dose-equivalent switch from Thyrax to other LT4 brands induced biochemical signs of overdosing in an even larger proportion (24–63%) of patients. The results indicate that a dose-equivalent LT4 brand switch may necessitate a dose adjustment in a large number of patients.