Acute or recurrent urinary tract infections [best to consult a doctor] Not in pregnancy without asking

M.T [Mothertimcture] drops

Uva ursi 20 cc
Chimaphilla 15
Berberis aquifol 15
Thymi vulg 20
Parietaria diff. 20

Every hour or so a dropper full and reduce when symptoms improve

Drink often tea from the following herbs: [at the same time as the drops]

Calendula off 50 gram
Urtica [Nettle] 50
Orthosiphon 50

For a very soothing effect on the bladder. see the attachment [buy Althea off. roof[not the leaves]. This should be prepared as a cold infusion!

Of course, Mannose and cranberry can be added if you can get capsules or powder.

Have the tincture always at home if you suffer from recurrent UTI.

If you have “nothing” at home then start with drinking very often tea of parsly [petroselinum] פֶּטְרוֹזִילְיָה

If there is no improvement within a day then you may need antibiotics