You advised me to lie down for 40 days

When I was studying medicine 40 days was a “holy number:” for some conditions

The worst back problems were healed after this and I don’t remember an Orthopaed suggesting an operation without doing this first, at least.

This is now a utopia in our modern world and for sure in Israel.!

For this reason. I am sending you -with permission- a copy of an interesting letter from a patient [who thinks that a lot of her problems started after Corona]

I suggested liver as this can often work on neuralgic problems.

For some strange reason. it is very difficult to get hold of cow liver EVEN in Jerusalem {chicken liver is not a problem] Does anyone know why?? [[If you don’t follow the Ben Ish Hai]

Liver contains a big amount of alpha lipoic acid which seems to do the job. I did not see much effect from alpha lipoic acid capsules and they can cause quite a bit of “heart-burn”

Letter from Patient

Shalom Dr.Bueno,

I’m writing to you with a big thank for your help and advice – Shaliach Emet!!

I called you right after Pessach with lower back pain in my right side, and a lack of sensation throughout the side of the leg.

You advised me to lie down for 40 days, but at least 3 full days, together with homeopathy Aesculus. You told me that’s the most classic treatment for neurologic problems.

After 4 days of 90% lying down:

1-The hemorrhoids were much better

2- My upper back, spine and neck didn’t hurt anymore (Yes, other regions of the body were treated…)

3- I had straightened up, and my walk changed – more stable and free

4- I returned to sleep on my belly after years of sleep apnea that was treated for lying on my back, but not the opposite.

5- My right knee pain was totally relieved when walking up the stairs

6- I finally read a book after a long time without reading 😊

7- I felt I’m building up again a spine in all senses… not always in a nice atmosphere thow…

I continued till Lag Baomer – 3 full weeks and felt much better in many senses.

Although the lower back pain was relieved but not totally gone, after a while of walking, it almost disappeared.

Also, the sensation through the upper outer right leg hasn’t come back, but it stopped worsening.

I think the most important thing is the sensation that pains and problems can get better – it makes me more optimistic and motivated to keep it good.

I really want to thank you, that you had no fear telling me to lie down, even though it’s against everything we usually do these days of hours of sitting down and hectic activity.

A month ago things are going back as were before this process – the knee pain and upper back pain are back but not at the same intensity as before.

The lack of feeling is like continuing to other parts, and now I also can’t feel around the knee. I think I went back to some of the old patterns – I’m trying not.

I tried also Iodine this week and I think I have a bit of sensation in the leg…

I eat an average of 1 per month of Kaved Bakar. I know it’s not enough…

I’d like to make an appointment by Skype whenever you can to see what to do next.

Thank you again,

Shabat Shalom