Whatever will be discovered yet,, WHATEVER MECHANISM, we should realize that every “miracle healing” from a very serious disease -as such described by doctors-is a Grace from the Creator Who of course can use any mechanism He wants to heal us “spontaneously”.

One case I can remember -even if it was some 60 years ago at the beginning of my medical study.

A woman who was diagnosed with all possible metastases all over the body was ‘miraculous” healed quite of a sudden and it was found later[don’t remember all the details] that the very specific parts of her hypophysis were suddenly destructed [pinpoint] also by the metastases and precisely those parts which could stop” the hormones that caused her cancer to go in regression [In military terms we could call it now a “precision operation”] I remember this being published in the NTVG [Dutch medical journal]

I am sorry that I can’t be more precise……there was a time that hormone ablation was used to stop certain cancers, maybe to a certain degree until now. Is this less of a miracle because in this case the mechanism was known??