It was thought to give strength and courage. Aristotle noted garlic’s use as a guard against the fear of water. It’s also been widely used against evil powers.[Herbal folklore]

If Aristotle mentions garlic as guarding against the fear of water, then I would suggest it against established rabies [kalevet] [if the patient was not immunized in time and got rabies symptoms for which there is no treatment knowm

. Rabies is a dreadful KILLING disease still happening in the world! [THE ONLY DISEASE which kills in [nearly] 100% of all cases! No other disease is known to kill in all cases]

Why garlic? One of the late-stage symptoms of rabies is fear of water!

Quoted from the CDC: As the disease progresses, the person may experience delirium, abnormal behaviour, hallucinations, hydrophobia (fear of water), and insomnia. 

Maybe high doses of garlic should be tried, if not tried already? Nothing to lose in this deadly disease?

This is all a wild guess from me, but I really think we should take all folklore very serious if there are no other clear solutions.