Sambucus is widely used as a syrup, as capsules, as an extract[Sabucol]etc and is easily available.

It is extremely effective against cases of flu and without doubt also against Corona.

The leaves are often used for fevers in children I have used it for many years[nixed with Tilia and Viola odorata in children [colds, cases of flu etc] It causes the fever to go down in a natural way [by sweating] and raises immune defence, whereas fever suppressants like acamol [paracetamol] can increase the vial load!

Sambucus is worth “gold” :anti-viral,anti-bacterial , anti-inflannatory, anti-allergic ,inhibits estrogen-related cancers etc

Safe in pregnancy! [in pregnancy I don’t advise Portulaca]

How come all the organizations ignored the plant during the Covid epidemic?  Easy to guess by now. About Portulaca they could claim that they never heard about it…..!