probably only a small percentage of people may benefit from the modern anxiolytic drugs [benzodiapins, a real blessing that they exist] and not really from the group of “antidepressants” [the new money-makers] which often may not work and are known for their side effects.

The benzodiazepines [especially diazepam] are extremely safe, but very addictive if used for a longer time [hard to stop it without very problematic withdrawal symptoms]

I have once seen that artichoke[capsules]may be good to take for people using diazepines.

[If I find the article back I will send it to you bli neder]

I think -with my limited knowledge– that I can totally agree with the psychiatrist.

If you read Dutch you any be interested in the book: Wie is van hout which became very famous in psychiatry, when I was a student. Maybe translated into more languages

If there was just more time for “psychiatry” patients……

FULL MEASURE: March 17, 2019 – Mad with Medication – Bing video


Poor man food: beans ……….. EAT THEM OFTEN

Beans  [kitniot]
Let’s suppose that everybody knows what we call beans.

[All these round smaller or big, mostly- dried things in all variations of colours that what can find in any market, also often already precooked in tins [kufsaot]

[lentils [adashim], afuna [peas] , white beans, brown beans, mung beans [mash] ,kidney beans ,lima beans etc etc]
Beans are extremely important in human nutrition .

Often they are looked upon as poor man nutrition.[ indeed they are very cheap, compared to other food]

I will just write a few remarks, so that you may consider putting beans back on your plate in case you tend to forget that they exist.

One of the best protection against breast cancer might be regular consumption of beans!![Even 2 to 3 times per week] OR EVEN EVERY DAY. LEARN TO USE SPICES WHEN PREPARING BEANS!

Beans are probably the best “DRUG” for a long life [B’H]and no search until now for longevity drugs can come in their shadow as far as I am aware. G-d gave us a very cheap medicine which everyone can afford!

Beans should be very well cooked[“overcooked”!, otherwise they may even harm]

They are also a very important food in the treatment of diabetes.

Lentils tend to stabilize for many hours the blood sugar levels.

Therefore lentils are medically also very good before fasting.

 A curiosity-not directly related to our subject:

In lentils there have been found very, very small amounts of diazepam=valium [in Israel called assival], the same as is made by the drug companies].

It has been made clear that there is no connection with possible contamination of the earth [“zihum”] by water containing this artificial” drug.[dumping of the drug etc]

This is fascinating, because Judaism uses adashim [lentils] as a food for avelut[mourning], lo aleinu.

Maybe these very small amounts have some calming effects??

 Valium is one of the first modern sedative drugs made  after the second world war and all the derivates that came later[“toledot” from valium] have never shown to have any benefit above this very first drug[very good medicine for acute cases, but very “addicting” when used for longer periods, hard to come off it]

 Beans are very rich in important vitamins and minerals

Vitamin B [especially B6], folic acid, magnesium, molybdenum etc.

 So eat your chamin [chunt] or whatever you call it with an appetite and a good feeling.

The water in which beans have been cooked is also important.

Next time, hopefully, something about the importance of using spices when preparing beans