A long video but I heard maybe 1./2 or a bit more of it.[lack of time]

I know nothing about Australia except for the kangaroos end that I have some family living there.[should turn the order around ]The first time I saw a shocking thing was with the Covid epidemic [don’t remember details] II always thought it was a paradise in all aspects….but .after this interview, I know that it is not! I saw some videos from Barbara and I consider her to be very “gifted” in her knowledge. She is a Christian woman as it becomes clear [seventh-day adventist]and believes that G-sd is the healer and she is only giving sound advice. Sound advice “spoils” a lot of “medical” economy these days and is open for persecution!! In much of the Western world and in the USA the same trends exist

From the internet: [ This may explain maybe what is going on]

Although Australia remains a predominantly religious country, about one third of all Australians (30 per cent, or 7 million people) indicated either ‘No Religion’ or a secular belief such as Atheism, Humanism or Agnosticism. The number of people indicating they had ‘No Religion’ has increased by almost 50 per cent from 2011 to 2016.