If you see this video and read what I write, then,please don’t confuse things but DO realize that there has been tremendous progress in medicine in many fields but not so in oncology

I am not heapy with this shocking video [I wish I was mistaken] but I am “happy” that I did not wrongly advised my patients with cancer during all the years

For a long, it is known that the only good treatable cancers [with chemotherapy] are Hodgkin’s. melanoma, testicular cancer, most leucemias [and maybe a sing;e ome more]

So the question of course rises: are so many doctors [oncologists and the like] naive, ignorant, or dishonest to the degree of corruption? Maybe the answer is a combination of a few things.

No time or interest to read or influenced by literature which is heavily sponsored and full with “unreadable”/not understandable material [done with purpose] with statistical conclusions which hardly any average docrtor understands and even if a doctor would object to certain procedures in a hospital he may find himself om the “street” ,not fitting in a system of lies where there has to be published whatever truth would be distorted, for the sake of receiving ongoing funding. Not for nothing a new word was created: CANCER INDUSTRY. May we all be spared from serious diseases and not fall into the hands of this industry!