Patients who have been prescribed by me Rafapen [for so many years] to prevent recurring Erysipelas[“Shoshana”]may not be able to get at the moment Rafapem[Penrafa][peniciline-V]po6tassium] in Israel [because of a miserable functioning of the Ministry of Health [which finds that it is not their task to supervise the supply of even the most essential drugs in Israel]
“Bad luck”, if an essential drug is not available…..
With the help of a good friend, I could speak today to the head of Rockchut in Israel who told me that he is willing to help if he can.
If you lack Rafapen please call me and I will suggest what to do.

By the way: if you have been taking Rafapen for 10 to 40 years now daily, I would be very curious to know how you estimate your memory [good.moderate.bad?] This I am asking because I have seen one article which described the possibility that it may prevent/slow down dementia/Alzheimer [mechanism not known] This article must have been “pure” as there is nothing to earn on Rafapen.