Do placebos exist?

Some remarkable philosophical and scientific studies have been written about this subject, but I have none at hand at the moment to send to you.
Many Chinese articles are criticised for having no “control” [placebo] studies.
Te Chinese look with “suspicion” at placebos and find that this is “trickling” patients.
[ I can understand them very well in this issue]
Never in the history of medicine, as far as I am aware off – there been such a thing.
If doctors/healers saw a remedy working, again and again, the tradition was ‘ established.” Look for the medical writings of the Rambam, I suppose.
But these were ages were profits in medicines did not exist
Even if the Chinese communistic doctrine and commerce may be full of mistakes and lies, I don’t think that we should project this on Chinese traditional medicine and their herbal experience.
Arrogance may be the killer in Western medicine, may w be spared from this