That blood type O forms less sticky blood and bleeds easier and also is more prone to peptic ulcers, I learned already somewhere around 1964 or so, fromr the textbook of Pathology by Wllliam Boyd who was a giant in medicine but not beloved by every medical professor because he was a bit’ “alternative” in medicine. [I did not know that at that time]

He was one of the last giants who could write a whole textbook on his own [no co-writers] with many fascinating details [I wrote about him and you can search my WordPress for his name: Boyd. No other book probably brought this fact bout blood group O at that time and even now many textbooks will not mention this.

That is one of the reasons why I always asked patients what their blood group is if their doctor advised aspirin

Fast forward…..may yers later became well known Dr Adamo who wrote extensively about bloodgroup and diseases but he was highly ignored by most doctors and specialists!! I an not claiming that everything Adamo wrote are proven facts, but he probably has/had more knowledge about blood groups than most hematologists,

The world seems to wake up……read below

Heart Disease

Research shows people with type O blood have a lower risk of coronary heart disease.

There’s good news for O blood types. Research shows your risk of coronary heart disease tends to be lower. Experts aren’t sure why. Some think it might be because other types are more likely to have higher cholesterol and higher amounts of a protein that’s linked to clotting.