It is often claimed that in nature, in the same area where very poisonous plants/trees grow that next to them also plants/trees grow which can “antidote” these poisons
If humans or animals would by mistake consume them, then they quickly can turn to these antidotes as a first aid
I saw a beautiful explanation of this phenomenon.[Mellie Uylderrt]
It is logical that toxic compounds of these plants or trees will be spread around them [falling leaves, branches etc ] This will cause the earth around to absorb the toxins in a very diluted form and plants in the surrounding area will then carry “homoeopathic amounts” of these toxins. Also, rains, winds, storms nay mixex[“shake”] these toxins as is done in a homoeopathic pharmacy.
In fact, these plants will deliver “nosodes”[homoeopathic amounts] from the toxins to those using them [see for nosode in my WordPress] and protect them or mitigate the symptoms.
[Homeopathic remedies and nosodes use the same technique of dilution and succusion[[shaking] but the compounds used are different]
The nosodes used in homoeopathy may be considered a type of Isopathy[don’t worry to much about these definitions]
Wonderful Creation!