This can be made at home if you have Symphytum creme.

Nearly all creams on the market have problematic ingredients

If you want a really effective and safe cream [for all purposes] then use Symphytum cream.[comfrey] It is available from Vogel [Europe] and can be ordered online [look especially for the anti-wrinkle brand]

Alas the freight price from Europe is”insanely high”, you may try to order via eBay or Amazon

I would highly recommend this instead of the often many other unsafe commercial cremes.

There is one product available from I herb with symphytun [from Christopher[ which you may try if you wish [a mixture of many herbs]

Vogel is a bit less fatty, seems to me.

Christopher’s Original Formulas, Beauty Facial Cream, 2 oz ₪46.83

Don’t automatically believe all the “praise” of the many producers of the various cremes they produce. The article below describes some other [ pharmacological] aspects of the Symphytum plant. Summary Topical preparations containing comfrey extracts are used for the treatment of various muscle and joint complaints. There are numerous recent clinical studies and postmarketing surveillance studies available for these preparations. They confirm the analgetic and anti-inflammatory as well as the anti-exudative spectrum of action of the medicinal plant and also prove its high degree of efficacy and tolerance. The findings are presented in this overview. Schlüsselwörter Symphytum – Beinwell – klinische Studie – Anwendungsbeobachtung – Wirksamkeit Key words Symphytum officinale L. – comfrey – clinical study – postmarketing surveillance study – efficacy