By: Shirley Lewis, Professional Program Student at the British Institute of Homeopathy

1789- 1805 – Samuel moved to Leipzig to Stotteritz where he saw medical procedures as crude and irrational. He translated the book “A treatise on Materia Medica” by William Cullen. In this book, the drug Cinchona Officinalis or Peruvian Bark was used for the treatment of Malaria. Samuel experimented on himself taking large doses of Cinchona and noted the symptoms. His discovery showed that when a healthy person ingests this drug it produces the symptoms in the healthy person of which it cures. In this case, being (Malaria). He wrote an essay called” New principles for Ascertaining the Curative Power of Drugs” Published in Hufeland’s Medical journal in 1796 (BIH.2011).

1810 – Organon of the Healing Art – preparation of remedies and philosophy. Birth of Homeopathy.

1813- Battles of the Nations- Proof that Homeopathy worked. Outbreak of Typhus where the efficacy of Homeopathy was proven. Out of 180 patients treated with Homeopathy only 2 people of the group passed away. At the time the mortality rate was more than 50% of the patients being treated with conventional medicine.

1811-1821 – Samuel Hahnemann published “Materia Medica Pura” a detailed essay of homeopathic medicine and how to use these medicines to treat illnesses.

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