Gb31 has MANY indications. If you have pain in your limbs/body [or for any other complaint ] you may try this point by acupressure. Look around the area described in the picture for the most sensitive point[s] ON THE UPPER LEG and press there for a minute or longer as often as needed.

If the problem is mainly on one site of the body, then use the point on the OPPOSITE leg

If the pain IS ON BOTH SIDE OF THE BODY [or there are general problems] then use the points on both legs.

So if you don’t know what to do then use this -“a bit of magical”- point. It will never harm.[but maybe very sensitive] and you may be “lucky”.

Tung has reached the West only “recently” whereas TCM is known much longer in the West, in Europe [ TCM In the USA really only after the historically visit of President Nixon to China]

[For some history see:,treated%20a%20young%20woman%20suffering%20from%20abdominal%20pain.%5D