From the website of Rabbi Shlomo Aviner:

Rabbi She’ar Yashuv Cohen, *zt”l,* surprised Jerusalem rabbis when he

arrived at his 1953 wedding wearing his IDF uniform rather than the

*shtreimel* that was more common at Jerusalem rabbinic weddings. On being

asked whether this was appropriate, Rabbi Zvi Yehudah Kook responded that

the *shtreimel* is revered because of the great and holy people who wore

it.. In contrast, the IDF uniform is intrinsically holy. (See also the Ba’al

HaTurim to Vayikra 6:3). This book is a tribute to the great mitzvah of

defending the Jewish State and a helpful guide to religious IDF soldiers.

Review by Ha-Rav Gil Student [Review in Jewish Action – The Laws of IDF Uniforms (Hebrew)]*By Shlomo Aviner*