I don’t belong to the generation of those brought up with “OMGA-3”

I probably ate only now and then some fish in my life. In Suriname, it was mostly only small fish [which was still”clean” in these years] During my medical studies in Holland, I don’t recall eating fish often [I hated herring, which seem to be a delicacy for the Dutch]]

So I am sending you an article that iI have no opinion about. The only logical thing to say is that one likely should stay at the lower doses of intake. Fish oil is NOT fish [who knows how important the flesh of the fish is and not just the oil but we always seem to lose track…

As there is endless literature about fish oils [with a lot of uncertainties] I thought it would be good to send you a probably balanced article, so you can decide for yourself.

In Israel, there is one brand available that has been tested in the USA, and that is: Sogar Omnega “950” If you wish, use one capsule per day with food or just now and then one

After opening the bottle, store it in the fridge!!! When you buy a bottle, open it in the shop and smell…..it will have a slight fish odour. In case the smell is bad give it back and ask for a replacement. I once had a bottle with a disgusting smell when I opened it ……dustbin!!ll

It was ordered from abroad and has been stored probably for an hours in high temperatures!


The artic;e below is about a remark I sent to ConsumerLab in the USA and they accepted ny commentay

harold jitschak17530

February 10, 2019

In know that fis oil as a supplement is highly promoted, realizing the contamination of many kinds of fish.
I know that a lot is published about the benefit of fish oil, but there are also publications which doubt these benefits.
Anyhow: fish oil is a “drug” as it is distilled oil from the fish, and the meat of the fish is not consumed, and I suppose one can’t even guess what the difference is between whole fish [in ideal clean circumstances] and a part of the fish [just the oil]
The future may teach us like happened with so many extracted products.
If you have more information about this issue, then please publish this for our readers. Thanks