– Love, Soul, Joy

Miracles Year-Round

By: Rabbi Shalom Arush

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, Shlit’a, tells the following story: Two Jews who were destined to die were walking on the road. The Angel of Death had already been dispatched from Heaven to take them both. But then, an old man crossed their path, and one of them gave him some coins. The Angel of Death immediately appeared. He told the person who gave charity that his act of kindness had saved his life. He told the second person that he had come to take his soul. The second man begged the Angel of Death to wait just a moment while he would also give the old man some coins. The Angel of Death told him that it was too late, since he had already missed the opportunity. The Jew said: “If so, then just give me two minutes to thank G-d, because I am accustomed to thanking Hashem daily.”

The Angel of Death stepped aside and the Jew said as follows: “Thank You, Master of the Universe, for the life that You have given me. Thank You for everything that You have done for me in this life. Thank You for wanting to take my soul, so that now I will be close to You.” He thanked Hashem in this manner for two minutes. The Angel of Death came to him and said, “Not only can I not take your soul now, but you have been given extra years over and above the years of life originally allotted you.”